in love with sequin

Showing you my recent purchases. All things in sequins. Gold clutch, black gown and ugg boots. I like uggs, they are very comfortable, but always wanted to be that they were still and beautiful.


Happy B-day!

All photos from my birthday, I'm sick and celebrated at home. Parents have prepared to me a lot of presents! The whole room was in the balloons and flowers. We celebrated this day with my family and with best friend. I am graced the table with flowers and pink napkins. Main gift was a MacBook. I travel a lot, I could not publish posts during the trip,because I took with me iPad and iPhone. Now I can share with you photos more often:)



Today is my 14th birthday! This is the first time when I celebrate it on my blog. All day I've been at home, cooking dinner, decorating the house. I have lots of balloons here! Soon my blog will contain a new post, you'll see it :)



Lunch in steak-house
A different blog post. These pictures have accumulated over the last couple of days. Such is the mix of photos, new things, breakfast and one photo with me after school.


vintage fashion magazines

All magazines and illustrations I bought in Paris, on the antiques market. It was hard to choose, there were probably 500 fashion magazines, if not more. I was surprised when I found vogue 1931 issue, and other illustration of 1881.
Have a nice day! :)


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-part 1

The first part of the saga, I looked in the spring of 2010, and I loved the film. Finally a new part of the twilight saga: Breaking Dawn-part 1. Tomorrow will premiere in Moldova, but I'm sick and unfortunately I can not go nowhere week. And while I enjoy the trailer.



Today, my mood was such a golden. This gold sweater I bought in Paris, I really like it. I was dressed in gold, brown and gray. I'm probably the first time wore knee socks, they look very good in this outfit!


nouveau jour

A new day. At breakfast, fresh croissants and strawberry dessert. I'm so glad that I saw everything I wanted, Champs Elysees, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and much more. This is the last day, but now Paris has become one of my favorite cities. I hope to come back here :)


french day

The day started with a favorite toast with hot goat cheese. We were in the Louvre, and then went to the tourist bus to Notre DameHave a nice day!


Zara lookbook

Zara lookbook november 2011. I liked all things. Especially the jacket and shirt with floral print, and the last black clutch.


Napoleon's apartments

Napoleon's apartments in the Louvre, it is impossible to put into words what beauty thereeverything is thought out to the smallest detail. One can only admire this beauty.



A year ago I was in St. Petersburg, visited the Hermitage, and felt that this is the most extensive and interesting museum. But when I saw the Louvre, my opinion has changed. Of course the Louvre and the Hermitage are both beautiful, but in the Louvre better, you could sit in a cafe, relax, what can not be said about the Hermitage. Finally I saw the Mona Lisa.


bonsoir, Paris!

Paris is incredibly beautiful city. My first visit to Paris. After the flight, the first thing I saw eiffel tower and the Seine. Soon on my blog will have more pictures from Paris.


presentation of a jewellery store

Presentation of a jewellery store "Fleur de Lis" in Chisinau.At the presentation were brands such as Pasquale Bruni and Damiani Group (Alfieri & St.John, Bliss).I ate very unusual japanese dessert mochi.At the presentation special guest was russian actress Ravshana Kurkova.



The first time I was in Disneyland. I think this is the second good park where I was. The first was Gardalend in which I was in the summer, in August. Yet Gardalend I liked more than Disneyland, because there are more attractions for me. But in Disneyland all is like a fairytale, I saw all cartoons.

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