This fall / winter I started liking a lot the leather stuff. I also like black and burgundy colors. The result of this is a simple total black outfit, to which I added an accessory - silver bracelet. I like this bracelet, it is very unusual. The day ended with a delicious dessert at a local pastry.


tiger sweatshirt

Summer is over very quickly. Less than a week will the start of the school year. I really like first autumn month - september, especially weather. I have only the good emotions and impressions from this summer. I had a great time. Here are the first cool days. On me is my new favorite tiger sweatshirt, which is very nice and comfy. I also wore simple black leggings, wedges and a chic golden necklace. Have a nice evening! 


new clothes and accessories

neon accessories
I said in the previous post, this post will be about my purchases. I will show you a part of my new clothes from the collection autumn/winter. All the stuff I bought in Spain, Austria and Romania.


last day in Vienna

Here are photos from the last day in Vienna. It was very hard to leave Vienna, because I love Europe very strongly, and generally this wonderful city. I had a great time, I bought everything what I wanted, visited interesting places here, and I just enjoyed the time in this city. I chose for the walk very simple clothes, white T-shirt, leggings, denim jacket and lace espadrilles. Soon show you my new clothes and accessories that I bought in the latest week! Stay tuned, dear readers :)



Wonderful place! We bought a ticket for two days, and we were in the incredibly beautiful gardens and in the labyrinth, and then visited the zoo. Schonbrunn Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world. This is the best zoo in which I was. Here I saw a different funny animals. Schönbrunn park impressed me. There you can walk an endless amount of time and enjoying the beauty.
I had a delicious lunch - apple strudel, and lemonade. 
About outfit, on me are Prada ss 2012 shoes, which I love. I also wore jeans with white t-shirt and necklace from H&M. I had a great day.


white jacket

Sunny day in Vienna. Incredible weather, a great time for walks. I decided to wear a light jacket and a white T-shirt, and added a black bottom - leggings and ballet flats. It is very simple and comfortable outfit for walks. I continue to enjoy the architecture of Vienna. We were in a beautiful park in the center of town where you can relax on the grass.
I visited different churches and restaurants, and a nice cafe, Aida, which is right next to St. Stephen's Cathedral. I love marzipan and Mozart sweets, and in this cafe has it all that I like.


at the fountain

A pleasant evening in Vienna. After shopping and exploring the city, I took a couple of photos at the fountain, and then had delicious dinner. On me is a parrot top from H&M, which I very like. Vienna is very cozy and beautiful city, which is very nice to be just walking and looking at old buildings and interesting places. I love cities such as Paris and Barcelona, ​​in which I like all. 
Have a nice evening, readers.



A new outfit from Vienna. Excellent pants with leopard print, I love them. I decided to wear them with my new Zara beauties and with a black top. 
Great weather, comfy and beautiful outfit and of course a good mood, here's what I need!
Have a nice evening, dear readers!


Hallo, Wien!

 So, I arrived in Vienna and on photos it is the first day here in Austria. When we arrived it was cool, no more than +17. 
Last time I was in Vienna on 7 years ago, but forgot the city because I was very small. Vienna has made a big impression on me, it's architecture, cafes and restaurants, parks, and many others. 
Every morning I have a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, which takes place in a beautiful courtyard. 
In general, Austria is a beautiful country.


black dress

I love this simple black dress, it is style of minimalism. The perfect dress with transparent parts. Under this outfit, I decided to wear Zara basic heels. 
Stay tuned dear readers. Kisses.


tropical dress

Yesterday was very hot weather. I decided to wear a light dress with a tropical print from mango. Also for this dress, I added Zara green flats and Salvatore Ferragamo purple clutch. In the result was a bright, absolutely summer outfit.


floral pants

 I decided to wear first time my floral pants, which I bought in march. It is first time when I wearing pants with prints. I really like the combination of these clothes. Here are my new favorite sandals with studs. 
Have a good evening.


maxi skirt

 So I spent the day well. Weather I do not like, but by the evening gets better.
I rarely wear maxi skirts, but I bought a one skirt. It has a beautiful color, which in my opinion looks great with denim, for example with a denim shirt or jacket. I decided to add a beautiful gold necklace, and black wedges. 
Stay tuned.
With love, your Diana.
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