These photos were taken about two weeks ago, immediately after my arrival from the Netherlands. Then the weather in Chisinau was good. I decided to wear a beautiful skirt with sweatshirt from Zara. At first I did not notice that the sweatshirt with a skull print. This outfit is very mysterious. Have a nice day, dear readers!


Amsterdam, day 3

 This is the last post with photos from Amsterdam. I like the Netherlands, that is different from other European countries. I was at Madame Tussaud's, and took a couple of pictures :) In Amsterdam a very beautiful architecture and atmosphere. But everyday was bad weather, cold and rain. I wear sporty outfit. Sneakers, comfortable pants, sweatshirt, but with coat and hat is chic outfit. Have a nice day! 


Amsterdam, day 2

 The second day in Amsterdam. I was at flower exhibition in a small town near Haarlem. I really love flowers! On my camera is incredibly a lot of pictures from the exhibition, but I chose the most loved and beautiful flowers. In the afternoon I returned to Amsterdam, and walked through the city. I took a few photos on Dam Square. I wear a very comfortable outfit. Headwear is my obsession, and my new hat with cat ears. 
Enjoy your Sunday, dear readers!


Bel Air

Wonderful and mysterious video. 


Hello Netherlands!

 I love to travel! A year ago I was in Paris, a city that stole my heart. In November of this year I visited the Netherlands, which differ in their architecture from other European countries. Fantastic and beautiful houses, looks like a fairytale, especially I liked. 
I stopped in Amsterdam, and also visited The Hague. As well as in Venice, in Amsterdam everywhere are wonderful canals. I've never seen such a surprising number of parking lots for bicycles, unreal quantity, bikes everywhere! In the evening, I was in The Hague. The city is different, there's more new buildings and fewer tourists. I had dinner in a lovely Japanese restaurant, which was very good and tasty. 
Unfortunately, I did only couple of photos in the Hague. Stay tuned, soon new posts!


curly hair

Finally my new post! Sorry for the long wait, I was in the Netherlands, and unfortunately it was not possible to publish the post, because in our hotel was no Wi-Fi. I had very interesting weekend and a good vacation. In the next post I will share with you my photos from Amsterdam.
In these photos, my new hairstyle and hair color. I really like the result. 
Have a nice evening, dear readers!
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