Hello Netherlands!

 I love to travel! A year ago I was in Paris, a city that stole my heart. In November of this year I visited the Netherlands, which differ in their architecture from other European countries. Fantastic and beautiful houses, looks like a fairytale, especially I liked. 
I stopped in Amsterdam, and also visited The Hague. As well as in Venice, in Amsterdam everywhere are wonderful canals. I've never seen such a surprising number of parking lots for bicycles, unreal quantity, bikes everywhere! In the evening, I was in The Hague. The city is different, there's more new buildings and fewer tourists. I had dinner in a lovely Japanese restaurant, which was very good and tasty. 
Unfortunately, I did only couple of photos in the Hague. Stay tuned, soon new posts!

ZARA coat, sweater, boots, jeans, gloves
H&M hat
MANGO shirt


  1. Superbe pozele, dar si fata e frumoasa

  2. Wow, love the boots (and the outfit) and funny to read you've been here! I live in The Hague :)


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