InstaChina: part I

Children in traditional Chinese clothing at 故宫 Forbidden City.
A beautiful selection of photos from Beijing.
I really love to take photos on my phone, so the end of the journey I have accumulated a huge amount of photos. Here are the photos which were taken during the first 3 days.


Beijing at night

 I've always wanted to visit Asia, finally my dream has come true. I visited the capital of China - Beijing. A city with history and interesting architecture. I was impressed by the country and culture. So, today i publish the first small post from beautiful Beijing.
個良好的晚上, 親愛的讀者們有!



 The third part of the alllady photoshoot. 
What could be better than this perfect pair of shoes and bag of such an incredible color? I chose the favorite things for a photo shoot. 
Have a nice evening, dear readers!
Kisses, Diana.


Boyfriend Look

Weather is wonderful!
For a walk today I chose a boyfriend look. Long time I looking for the perfect pair of torn boyfriend jeans. And yet, I bought them! Jeans is a universal thing, which I really like. On me it is handmade necklace, in the style of Marni for H&M, which unfortunately I was not able to acquire.
Good evening, dear readers!



The second part of the alllady photoshoot. 
I like chic and classy clothes, like this patent skirt. Turtleneck with this skirt looks great! This winter I began to love turtlenecks, it's very universal thing. Since I am a lover of accessories, especially necklaces, this beautiful eagle did not leave me indifferent, a stunning accessory.
I wish you a nice week, dear readers.
With love, Diana.



I really love cat print ... but this Kenzo sweatshirt become the most favorite thing with the tiger. I think that this bright sweatshirt is in harmony with the color of burgundy. I like this skirt Zara, especially,leather effect.
Have a nice evening, dear readers!
With love, Diana.


Roma Style

 Just beautiful pictures of Rome. Architecture - the most important in the Italian capital. Photos from my trip to Rome in January.


True Blue

 Good day! After 3 months, without regular publications, their absence in february and march, I publish this post. With the advent of time, I can call it a revival of the blog.
So, in March, the site alllady.md, was published my photoshoot, which is incredibly beautiful! I made 6 different looks, and now I publish the first on my blog.
I put on one of his favorite shirts - with Madonna. Denim and khaki, I think it's a very nice combination. Well, finally, blue shoes, which are perfect in this outfit.


kenzo dream

 I can finally publish the post! Now, spring, I will post new looks and photos. Showing you my new kenzo tiger sweatshirt, I actually dreamed about it for a long time. With love, Diana!



I completely forgot about my blog? Yes, I'm sorry ... I've been incredibly busy this month. Still without a blog, I can not live,really. So, my new post is still from Italy, perhaps this is the last outfit from Rome. Baroque - my favorite style, incredibly beautiful paintings, interiors and of course the clothes! The result is low-key look with beautiful golden elements. Have a good evening, dear readers!


Il Colosseo

 The Colosseum is one of the most important sights in Rome. My hotel was next to the Colosseum, and every day I was admiring. Rome is very ancient city. In good weather, I wear a bright and wonderful Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from Zara. I love sport chic outfits, they are great for walking in the travel. I also took my new comfy Gucci bag, which I realy like. And certainly, in this outfit are leather details, leggings and coat. Good evening to you, dear readers.


orange garden

Where you can see so much beauty in january? Of course in Italy. Wonderful orange garden at my hotel. In Rome, on the street is growing a lot of citrus trees. Excellent weather, birds singing and all around is green, it's a miracle! Since in Chisinau snow and cold, I enjoyed every day in Rome. In this city, stunning architecture, photos will be in the next posts. This outfit I wore on my birthday, unfortunately I was not able to take photos earlier. This Zara dress is excellent, I really like the combination of lace and leather. Have a nice evening, dear readers!


Ciao Roma!

The first post of my trip to Rome. This city is incredibly beautiful and a fabulous! In my opinion one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In january, in the Italian capital is excellent weather. I really love this country. In the centre of Rome I saw the Trevi fountain ,I think it is the most gorgeous fountain. 
Move on to the outfit. I love the subtle colors such as this light blue sweater. I decided to add stunning necklace from the Anna dello Russo at H&M collection and bright Louboutin heels. Finally, I bought my favorite macarons from Laduree, a wonderful shop, all in it is perfect and nice.


New Year's gifts

 Finally I decided to show you my New Year's gifts. I love this holiday! I got all the gifts that I wanted. Soon you will see pictures from my trip in Rome. Have a nice evening, dear readers :)


metal soul

 With the New Year dear readers! 2012 was full of interesting events, holidays, gifts, travel, and of course fashion! So I can say that this year was wonderful and the best, thanks to all the people who were with me this year, thanks to them all perfectly! I hope that in 2013 all will be even better :)
So, this is the first post in the new year. If you noticed, I love things with cats, leopards, tigers and lions, and of course, this sweatshirt is amazing! Onions turned out quite convenient and comfortable for this kind of weather. Kisses!
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