InstaChina: part I

Children in traditional Chinese clothing at 故宫 Forbidden City.
A beautiful selection of photos from Beijing.
I really love to take photos on my phone, so the end of the journey I have accumulated a huge amount of photos. Here are the photos which were taken during the first 3 days.

A very long flight from Munich to 北京 Beijing - 10 hours.
Statue in the 故宫 Forbidden City.
Red rabbit at 新东安市场 Beijing APM.
Sashimi at 板长寿司 Itacho Sushi.
Tasty Fanta in 故宫 Forbidden City.
御花园 The Imperial Garden.
Reception at 励骏酒店 Legendale Hotel.
Beauty at 大董烤鸭店 Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant. 故宫 Forbidden City.
Beautiful architecture at 故宫 Forbidden City.
Strawberry in 大董烤鸭店 Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant.
北京 Beijing at night.
Delicious Chinese sweets.
御花园 The Imperial Garden.
Smoothie with lychee in 故宫 Forbidden City.

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