Sagrada Familia

 I can say that june was a very difficult month for me. 
Just started summer vacation, and clothing for the summer, absolutely was not. Alas, here in Chisinau I can buy a few things. But now it is time to shopping and a nice time in Europe. 
I already wrote in my previous post that I went to Spain for a week. Barcelona is a beautiful city that I really liked. And so, on the first day I went to Madonna's concert. 
The next day I visited the Sagrada Familia, which has made an incredible impression on me. Antoni Gaudi was a genius.



A couple of days ago I arrived in Spain, and visited the Madonna concert. I really wanted to get on М.D.N.A. tour. I am extremely pleased, great show! Everything was perfectly done. It was the second concert in Barcelona. Unfortunately I could not take pictures with the camera. 
I really like Spain, stay tuned!


weekend in Tekirova

Dear readers, sorry for such a long absence of posts. I unfortunately forgot USB cable here in Chisinau. Was only one variant - to wait for the return home. From Turkey, I have only one post, because as I often go there, and is not interested. Almost all hotels are similar, except the hotel where I was in October. I am well rested. Tomorrow will be another post and in it I'll tell you about something interesting in the details. In the meantime, here is photo from my vacation.


Boucheron & peonies

This day I have spent awesome. 
I woke up early, breakfasted at the nice cafe, with fresh orange juice and cheesecake. 
Then, I went to the presentation of Boucheron, in the jewelry salon Fleur de Lis, in the store were incredibly beautiful flowers! Peonies are my favorite flowers, especially pink...in such great numbers, was great. I also ate some wonderful Laduree macarons, which I love. 
Then, my dad made me a present - bracelet, Pasquale Bruni. 
After a lovely afternoon, I made a couple of photos. Finally, I had dinner and came home to watch the UEFA Euro 2012, yes, I like football! :)


near the lions

Sorry for the lack of posts. Yesterday the weather was bad...but today it is sunny :) I had an awesome day, I also had spent time with my mom. We had a great walk outside and a delicious dinner after. 
Today my outfit was interesting. I really like this shirt, its print with Wizard of Oz. Under it, I decided to put on basic shoes and simple black jeans, add accessories. Accessories always make a woman look better. Just today I had wore my clutch with feathers, which looks great in this outfit.
 I wanted to be photographed in this place for a long time, near the lions, but unfortunately it is hard to see them. I hope you like this outfit! 
Have a nice evening!
Your Diana.



Today was a long and interesting day. The weather was very hot, so I decided to spend time in a cool cafe. A little later I went to the city center and took pictures. 
This look is completely out of denim things: shorts and a shirt. I think that the denim looks very good with the shoes with wooden soles. It was very convenient and comfortable. 
Enjoy your evening and Tuesday!


scarf print

 I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately. Yesterday was a rainy day, I took a couple of photos. Finally I wore this shirt with scarf print, it looks like a D&G 2012 collection. The result was a very simple look, consisting of jeans, shirt and wedges. The color scheme is simple too: green, blue and gold. I promise you that June will be very interesting month, and you'll see soon on my blog.
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