pastel colours & cupcakes

I'm sick blogger. I sit at home and being treated, but I'm on the mend. Today, decided to make one of my favorite desserts, among them: macarons, cheesecake and cupcakes. 
In the first photo are my new ballet flats topshop, I really wanted the most simple ballet flats. I like the pastel colors, mint flats and in the background are the Louis Vuitton ss 2012 campaign,also made ​​in pastel colors. Perhaps this is why I wanted to make cupcakes, which is sweet and gentle. 
In the photo are tulips, favorite flowers, are also in pastel colour.



I love to take photos of everything that surrounds me. I photographed the details in my house. For the first time I put in blog a photo of my dog. At the other photos are: flowers, pencil Pinocchio, cookies, cup of tea, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. 
Finally my first video, I worked on it yesterday and today. This is all the videos that I shot in 2011, I chose the most important moments of them.


Spring 2012 Couture Fashion Shows

In Paris were held haute couture fashion shows, my favorite one became Christian Dior and Versace.
Bill Gaytten has the collections which are more calm. Graceful and beautiful dresses for the collection of haute couture, in a classic Dior style. 
At Versace, I truly liked the colours, chic dresses and I did liked the collection. Donatella as usual is on top!


gray and flowers

I want the summer, warm weather, sea and beach. Today is 24 January, probably only become warmer in late March. Constantly snowing and became colder.
Today I decided to wear a vest made ​​of feathers, all things are gray and brown colours, and I wore shirt with floral print. I do not like these jeans, but in this outfit they look good.


street style at MFW menswear f/w 2012

Men's Fashion Week in Milan is over. My favorite shows became: Prada, Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana. I like to watch Street Style pictures, and now, during fashion week, is very interesting.


Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2012 campaign

 Bianca Balti and Monica Bellucci for Dolce&Gabbana spring 2012 campaign.
Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura.



Today, it snowed, finally, the winter came! After a hard day, I went to take pictures immediately, so, today, I deicded to wear my moonboots with a red jacket. The snowstorm has ended, but I am glad that I was able to take these pictures.
Have a nice evening!



This time, the photos turned out badly. There were just a few of them, and there was nothing to choose from. On the photos, I had a classic look, I wore a white T-shirt with a black jacket and black pants. the Winted is not here yet, there is no snow outside.


aviator jacket

In Chisinau, the weather becomes colder, winter holidays are over,all holidays are now behind. Again, I have no time, but I'll try to make some looks. During this weather, I went to the cinema to watch the film called ,"Hugo". It was a great film! I desided to wear a warm aviator jacket, as well as my favourite Hermes scarf.


new things

I want to show you some things that I bought in Prague. Almost all clothing are with prints. When I saw zara lookbook (november),I fell in love with a jacket with a floral print. I love different colours and prints of jackets. I wanted  to buy a long black skirt, which I found in Zara. At other photos there are dresses and skirts, and some accessories.


last day in Prague

Photos from the last day in Prague. It was cold outside and I wanted to go somewhere warm. The day began with a breakfast in a French brasserie, and then, as usual I went to see the city. I was everywhere in Prague, certainly is a beautiful city, but my favourite ones are still Dubai, Milan and Paris (in the blog you will be able to see the photos from these cities). I love to travel, to discover new places.


Prague at night

 Just a short post with photos of Prague during night. I took my new bag with me. Prague is  very beautiful during evening and night, christmas trees are everywhere here! I have a couple of pictures made in the shopping centre and                
beside a christmas tree just near the mall. Next photo has been made in the lobby at the hotel.
Have a nice day!


New Year's gifts

Part of my Christmas and New Year's gifts. Most important one was Louis Vuitton bag and Tiffany&co. earrings. Click here to see more photos :)


my new year's look

I celebrated the New Year at the Hilton Hotel in Prague. This was my outfit for the new year. Pictures are unfortunately dark. I decided to wear an electric blue dress with denim shirt and a gold necklace.


first day in Prague

First day in Prague. We went shoppping and enjoyed walking around the city. On these photos you can see the city's main christmas tree  and a fair. I ate a delicious cheesecake and drank hot chocolate at Starbucks christmas cups. I really like the architecture in Prague, probably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Soon, you will see pictures from the New Year's eve!

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