Prada Parallel Universes

Very interesting ad campaign, which called Prada Parallel Universes. Fashion house Prada has teamed up with illustrator Vahram Muratyan. He created a simple animated pictures, featuring the accessories from the spring/summer 2012 collection. In the ad campaign are accessories for men and women.


the beach

 The beach. Some photos from beach in Belek. Sea was cold, and I do not swam. I took pictures in electric blue dress. The top of the lace, and bottom of thin material.


Mango jacket

Vacation ended yesterday. Remains only one month of study. I'm so glad that the weather is warm, summer soon. I writing a post in Antalya, and I enjoy the time here. Nice hotel, good weather! In this simple post, I decided to wear a MANGO jacket, which was in this post HERE.


Belek photo diary

ZARA shirt it looks like a HERMES scarf, and similar to D&G spring/summer 2012 collection.
Belek photo diary for the last 4 days. I have collected a lot of pictures, today I'll show some pictures. I had a good time, all day sunbathing, swimming and spa. And of course the whole day taking pictures. And about the outfits I do not forget!



 How pleasant to lie around the pool and listen to the birds singing. Here beautiful nature. This outfit is perfect for spring weather, denim shirt looks like a jacket in this outfit, it looks great with a light dress. Finally I took my favorite sequin clutch. Have a nice day my dear readers!


Sun in Turkey

 Today is the first day of my vacation in Turkey. Here the weather is nice and warm. I live in a beautiful hotel Calista. I do a quick post because soon there will be many photos. Now, I'll take pictures and relax, enjoy the holidays. 



 All day I was walking and had a very good day. First, did a couple of pictures and then had lunch and shopping, well, and finally sat in the park. Today I decided to wear a new jacket from MANGO,it is very versatile and comfortable thing. Stuff like a Chanel jacket. Have a nice evening.


Diet Coke

 Jean Paul Gaultier made ​​a new design of bottles of diet coke. Very interesting and unusual advertising. I'd like to buy this cola!



Today is the 100th post on my blog!
Such are the pictures came out while I was at home. 
Today I was at a lecture by Yvan Rodic. So cool that he came to Chisinau, the lecture was actually very interesting.Unfortunately, I did just one photo on the iPhone. 
Later I'll show you everything.


floral scarf & trench

 Today was a very hard day, all morning, three hours I was in medical center. For this day I chose a classical beige trench with floral scarf. Now a very good and beautiful weather and soon will be holidays, but I'm sick:( Photos are not very clear and poorly focused, sorry, but I was very tired and made them for a couple of minutes.


photo mix

The result was another post, some photos that were made in march and april. I'm always take pictures on my iPhone. More than a month ago, I decided to post photos in instagram :) Today I show accumulated photos from iPhone.
My name in instagram @diananesterov.


Happy Birthday Marc!

Today is the birthday of Marc Jacobs! Marc is my favorite designer, thanks to him I began to love fashion. In 2009 I first looked at a fashion show, fall winter 2009. The next show has been Louis Vuitton. Then I became indifferent to fashion. I reviewed the show many times. I believe that Marc Jacobs is one of the most talented designers who very influenced by fashion industry. He does everything perfectly, amazing and beautiful shows and collections. Also, my most favorite perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy and Lola, and in July will begin selling a new fragrance, Marc Jacobs Dot, which I will definitely buy it!


simple blue

 In good weather, I decided to wear a shirt and jacket with the same color. I think that it is casual outfit. Blue, I decided to dilute with the gold accessories. I also wore a simple black leggings and shoes.



I really like this skirt because it is made out of a very light material. Wearing a skirt with stars, I decided, it would be nice to wear a denim shirt and a classic black jacket with it. Denim shirt is a universal thing, it can be worn over a light dress as well as with this outfit. In conclusion, I added a bright yellow clutch and a scarf.


bright colors

The weather is getting warmer - yesterday was +18. Immediately after school I went home, had some rest and after I went to the downtown and had a delicious lunch. I had such a bright and happy mood. With a coloured jacket and shirt, I decided to wear a simple pair of jeans. I like this T-shirt because it is made out of atlas and because it looks like Hermes scarves. I once wore a pink jacket which I bought throughout the summer in Nice. 
Have a nice evening.


comfortable look

Yesterday was a very good day. At the beginning I met up with my friends and we had good time all together but after, I went shopping. For this day, I chose a convenient outfit, rubber boots and a warm jacket. Unfortunately the photos turned out bad and I was only able to select 3 photos. In Chisinau, the weather now is bad - rainy. 
Yesterday I bought new things in Mango and Benetton
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