cherry and green

This photos were taken when I was in Turkey. I was in Antalya, 10 days. This look is simple, but I like it. I was in my new shoes Zara, they are very comfortable, and with beautiful print. 
In the other photos are my new cup red bus, yellow box for my accessories, white deer and a dog. I bought this things in Kare design.

Zara shoes
Mango t-shirt
Zara skirt 
Mango sunglasses


  1. You've got sutch a cute face my dear ! I love the Zara skirk, it suits you so well ! :)

    Xx. Ifigenia

  2. thank you so much! your comment means for me a lot! thank youuu

  3. Юбка просто класс. На прошлой недели купила такую же. Классние фотки:)


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