my trip in Moscow

This are my photos from Moscow. I stayed there for 2 days. The weather was very good-sunny and light wind. I was at Muz-TV Awards 2011, there were a lot of russian artists, and special guests were Tokio Hotel, Sharon Stone, Craig David,  Arash and Helena, Eli & Nikki (winners of Eurovision 2011 song contest), but I came there special for my favourite band Tokio Hotel, they were amazing!
 I am in my new maxi skirt from Mango, i really like it with white t-shirt. On the other photo I am in Red Square, after small shopping.

Mango t-shirt
Furla candy-bag 
Massimo Dutti blazer 
Mango maxi skirt
Prada shoes


  1. Realy, I can't bear the fact that you havn't got many comments, you'r so gorgeous, I hope that it ll change quickly! ;)
    Xx my dear !


  2. You're welcome ! :)



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